What is the difference between titanium alloy and titanium steel

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Titanium steel, also known as 316L polished steel, is the same material as 316L stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel generally increases with the increase of chromium content. The basic principle is that when enough chromium is contained in the steel, a very thin and dense oxide film is formed on the steel surface to prevent further oxidation or corrosion. Oxidation environment can strengthen the film, while reduction environment will inevitably destroy the film and cause corrosion of steel. Titanium is actually stainless steel, and titanium steel is the same. There is no titanium in technical terms, but businessmen demand commercial interests. In order to make titanium steel products more fashionable and technical, businesses call it "titanium steel" and "titanium gold". In fact, some titanium steels do not contain "titanium", or titanium is only used as an additive, just a little bit. Titanium steel has the characteristics of strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, no discoloration, no allergy, no deformation, hard and bright. It is widely used in medicine, watches, pens and industry.

The density of titanium and titanium alloy is low, only 4.5g/cm3 About 60% of steel. The yield strength of titanium and titanium alloy is 2071379mpa, non-magnetic, with small thermal conductivity, only 1 / 5 of steel, 1 / 3 of aluminum and 1 / 2 of copper. The coefficient of linear expansion is small, which is 1 / 5 of carbon steel and half of stainless steel. Titanium and its alloys have amazing corrosion resistance, much better than stainless steel. In the past, the composition of hot nitric acid in chemical reactors was basically stainless steel, and stainless steel was also afraid of a strong inhibitor - Hot nitric acid. Every six months, all parts must be replaced. Today, titanium and titanium alloys are used to make parts. You can work for 5 to 10 years without changing.

Early titanium steel was the first choice for some famous brand watches and precious pens. It is very popular in Europe and America. Gradually, titanium steel began to show its prominent position in jewelry design. Due to its unique metallic luster and material properties, titanium steel has become a research hotspot of fashion accessories. Rough, simple, calm, implicit, enthusiastic, unrestrained style and cold metal performance also win the love of fashionable young people and white-collar people. Titanium steel jewelry features: strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, no color change, no allergy, no deformation, hard, bright. Through the artificial sweat test, it is completely non corrosive, non fading and non sensitive.

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