Is pure gold jewelry really better than 18K gold stainless steel jewelry?

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In the latest market, 18K gold stainless steel titanium steel pendants have become popular. The main reason for this is still related to the ideology of consumers in the consumer market. Some people also question whether pure gold jewelry is really better than K-gold jewelry?

We often say that the 18K gold stainless steel jewelry is plated with a layer of gold on the outer surface of the jewelry, so the color of the jewelry is very close to the color of pure gold. But because the Chinese like gold, they all think pure gold is better, the higher the gold content, the better. Therefore, in the subconscious of Chinese people, pure gold is considered as pure gold, which is more valuable than K-gold.

Gongyi hardware jewelry thinks that the Chinese people's thinking is not correct. We should know that K-gold is more commonly used in jewelry than pure gold. The reason is that K-gold has better firmness and durability. Especially for inlaid jewelry, K-gold is much better than pure gold! Also useful too much! Gongyi hardware ornaments are widely used!

Therefore, in the practical jewelry category, pure gold is not necessarily superior to 18K gold stainless steel jewelry, which depends on the actual use style, actual use range, etc. In addition to 18K gold, there are also 9K GOLD, 10000 gold (used for some time in the UK and now in Japan), 14K Gold, 20K gold, 21k gold, 22K gold, etc. (rarely used).

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