Occasion requirements for wearing accessories

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In social activities, people should not only pay attention to the choice of clothing, but also wear rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches and other accessories according to the requirements of different occasions.

Generally, rings are only worn in the left hand, and it is better to only wear one ring, at most two rings. When wearing two rings, they can be worn on two fingers connected to the left hand, or on the fingers corresponding to two hands. Ring wearing can be said to express a silent language, often suggesting the marriage and mate selection of the wearer. Wearing the ring on the middle finger indicates that you have a lover and are in love; wearing it on the ring finger indicates that you are engaged or married; wearing it on the small finger indicates that you are a celibate; if you wear the ring on the index finger, it indicates that you have no spouse or propose. It is not advisable for some people to show off their wealth by wearing several rings on their hands.

Earrings are the main jewelry for women, whose usage rate is second only to rings. Earrings should be selected according to the features of the face. For example, it is not suitable to wear Round Earrings on a round face, because the small circle of the earrings and the large circle of the face are combined together, which will strengthen the signal of "round"; it is also not suitable to wear round and Square Earrings on a square face, because the round and square are juxtaposed, in contrast, the square is more square, and the round is more round.

Necklace is also one of the main jewelry favored by women. It can be divided into two series: Metal Necklace and jewelry necklace. The necklace should be worn in harmony with your age and body shape. For example, women with long and thin necks wear silk like chains, which are more exquisite and beautiful; the horsewhip chains are thick and mature, which are suitable for older women. Wearing a necklace should also correspond to clothing. For example, when wearing soft and elegant silk dresses, it is advisable to wear delicate and delicate necklaces to make them charming; when wearing monochrome or plain color clothes, it is advisable to wear bright necklaces. In this way, under the ornament of jewelry, the color of clothing can appear rich and active.

In addition, brooch and handkerchief can also be used as ornaments. They match with clothes, which not only have the beauty of comparison, but also the beauty of coordination, making people appear more elegant.

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